Abstract Painting prossess

Getting ready for my next show and feeling all over the place with regards to process. I’v been playing around with all sorts of media and techniques and need to get back to basics. This blog is a reference for myself. To refer back to when I’m feeling a bit lost. I hope you enjoy looking in too.


Start by toning the canvas. Scrubbing the paint into the weave with an old stiff brush and thiner. Make areas of light and dark and create some movement with the brushstrokes. This will be a roadmap for the next layer.


Choose a pallet of colour to use throughout the whole painting. Here I’v chosen a warm and cool red, a light and dark blue and a transparent and opaque yellow. This is the fun part and in my opinion the painting rarely improves after this stage 😦


If you’ve read my blog “Glazing an Oil Panting” you’ll know this is my favourite thing to do. Here is the first layer, bringing out the shapes I see in the underpainting. You can really take your piece in any direction you like at this stage.


I’ll keep layering the glazes until I’m happy with the result. Here is the third layer. Getting progressively darker I’v added dark earth tones to my pallet.


The final step is to add some lights and bring out the forms. Painting  in this way relies on the layers being completely dry before going on with the next. Being oil paint this takes time.  The whole painting took around a week to complete.


I decided to scumble a thin layer of blue to add more dimension. I think it may be finished?


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